Made for bringing your dreams to life

My semi-abstract fantasy artworks are handmade with love in a small town in Québec. They are meant to awaken the senses through visualization with the help of our imagination. The mission is to create works of art that assist the holder to manifest their dreams, or to offer a reminder of what they treasure most.

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Who creates the magic?

Well, technically you do! But when if comes to the actual artworks, I have been making all kinds of visual art since as long as I can remember... I'm Lisa Stock, a multidisciplinary artist who helps people from around the world to create the life of their dreams, beginning with their everyday surroundings.

The Universe

Zephyra Handmade Jewelry

  • artworks and essential oils for clarity, peace, relaxation, attracting love

    Bathed in Essential Oils

    The benefits of essential oils are endless. I make sure to select the right oils or create the best blends for the manifestation intention.

  • Surrounded by Powerful Crystals

    Each piece is blessed with charged crystals to be pure and emanate positive vibes. They are known to bring light and joy to the home.

  • Made with Recycled Canvas

    Almost all my artworks are made with recycled canvases found in various thrift shops. They are hand-selected and prepared by me.

  • Glow in the Dark

    Most of my original works are traced with luminescent paint which makes them illuminate when you close the lights. This is an actual photo of "Magic Lotus" in the dark. Want to see a list of the glow-in-the-dark artworks?

  • Sparkles and Gold

    When the painting inspires me to do so, I retrace certain lines to bring out the subject even more. Depending on the piece, sometimes I use glitter, sometimes metallic paints, or sometimes both!

  • hi-gloss, spiritual artworks, higher, goddess art, inner divinity, powerful, light being, consciousness, enlightenment, awakening

    Hi-Gloss Finish

    In the last few months, I've started using an ultra-glossy varnish which greatly enhances the colours of my paintings. It looks luxurious and conceals wonderfully the lines made for special effects, on top of adding great protection to the artwork.

The gift of art...

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