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Transpower 8x10 - Original Painting

Transpower 8x10 - Original Painting

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Spiritual Awakening, Inner Strength 8x10 inches. Original small-size acrylic painting on canvas, chakra balancing, higher self, divinity, simple spiritual art.

Spiritual Transgender Painting • Acrylic Genderless Art • Transvestite • Transsexual • Androgynous • Ambisexual

This symbolic spiritual painting represents the inner strength of divine energy. It shows the power within the person's soul, and their learning to master it.


  • Name: Transpower
  • Painter: Lisa Stock
  • Size: 8" x 10"
  • Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas
  • Shipping "ready to hang"
  • Style: Modern, Abstract
  • Certification of Authenticity attached

Divine Art Spiritual Wall Art Spiritual Wall Decor

Liven up your room with a pop of colour or something to match the theme with this Acrylic painting on canvas. Perfect setup for adding a contrast eye-catcher or conversation starter for guests! Or make an ideal gift for your friends, and relatives as modern artwork for decoration.

★ Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas
★ Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched)
★ Certification of Authenticity attached
★ Please use the delicate item carefully because it will last if you take care of the item.
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