The World of Zephyra

Created by Lisa Stock in 2019 in a little town in Québec, Zephyra.ART became the official title of L’s registered company...

but it’s much more than that...

Lisa Stock with her Dragon painting at her solo exhibition in Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu, Québec, Canada. She smiles with paintbrush in hand, pregnant of her only son.
Lisa is a multidisciplinary artist who paints, draws, photographs, plays music and writes fantasy stories.
Her biggest project until now is by far the making of her upcoming series: “Axys”. 
These books are related in two important ways to Zephyra.ART.
Firstly, L’s two main characters are also her painting muses: the power-couple Axys and Snow.
The actual name of her art-store comes from a parallel world in the novels, populated by an advanced civilization called Zéphyr.
Inspired by the magical universe of her novels and the one she’s built in her imagination since childhood, Zephyra.ART was born.

Lisa is working to become an eco-friendly shop, reusing as much packaging material as possible and painting with recycled canvases. 
She plans on eventually making her own paints and her own bags, while also purchasing shipping materials from eco-friendly sources in Québec, Canada.
She has big plans for her shop. 
You can count on seeing handmade gemstone jewelry, wood sculptures and an eco-responsible clothing line including hand-painted artworks on repurposed materials.
Spiritual paintings by Lisa Stock, artist and photographer, owner of Zephyra.Art and Axys trilogy. With her esoteric art, couple creation, soulmate and twin flames artworks