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Replica Abundancia - I AM (Prosperity) - Attracting Money Art Print

Replica Abundancia - I AM (Prosperity) - Attracting Money Art Print

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Money and Abundance Affirmation (I AM), originally encrusted with pyrite and citrine gemstones, Divine Feminine, Spiritual Art Decor, Sacred Energy Meditative Original Painting, higher self, divinity and connection, the law of attraction art by Intuitive Artist Lisa Stock

About the Piece (Original Available)

This simple yet truly powerful piece of art is created with the intention of attracting financial abundance. The divine feminine is in deep meditation, levitating over a mountain (or even a planet) of gold coins. 

The intention was planted during the solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of November and completed (varnished and signed) during the last full moon of 2021. 

As mentioned above, Abundancia includes real, natural raw pyrite and citrine crystals that were fully charged in the moonlight during the full moon, meditated upon, and infused with Patchouli essential oil (Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the earth has to offer).


Citrine + Pyrite

Matched together, Citrine and Pyrite form an energetic matrix bond that triggers a shift in the mental energetic body towards money and entrepreneurial mastery. Allowing to amplify manifestation and allow abundance to flow in like a waterfall of wealth.

Citrine and Pyrite on their own are both awesome and powerful crystals. However, as a team, they are the ultimate best friends. They accelerate manifestation and activate abundance in life with speed and ease. When placed together they work to form an energetic vortex that quickly manifests desires and transmutes mentality from lack into abundance.


How to use it

  • Set your intention for the stones. State what energetic block you’d like to release and what energy you want to fill that space with. This activates the energy and holds the space for abundance and wealth to come into your space.
  • For optimal results, place your pyrite crystal-encrusted painting in the southwest quadrant of your home.
  • Stones like working together. They do not like being alone. That is why I have included eight chips of natural raw citrines. Eight holds the energy of money, so having eight citrine stones will amplify your prosperity intention.


Details of the Canvas Print

* Name: Abundancia

* Painter: Lisa Stock

* Size: 10" x 12"

* High-Quality Print on Canvas

* Shipping "stretched"

* Style: Modern, Semi-Abstract, Simple

* Signed + Authenticity stamp


About the canvas print quality

  • Hand-stretched by expert artisans
  • Polycot coating that makes them durable and beautiful
  • Lamination to ensure longer life and better colour vibrancy
  • We use HP Certified printers and HP latex inks
  • Archival quality canvas to last a long time

Warm Note

★ Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas signed in the front and stamped in the back for authenticity
★ The wall art comes already perfectly stretched on a wooden frame with hook mounted on it for easy hanging out of the box.
★ The original art glows in the dark and is encrusted with natural raw pyrite gemstones (that may detach if manipulated.
★ It is not for any commercial purposes.
★ Please use the delicate item carefully because it will last if you take care of the item.
★ If you can’t find any information related to a product then feel free to contact me. We are fast to reply :)

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