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Romantic Couple Floating in Space - Original Glow in the Dark Painting

Romantic Couple Floating in Space - Original Glow in the Dark Painting

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Pisces Full moon art, Lovers coming together in union, Twin Flame energy, higher self, spiritual awakening and healing

Art Story

I made a live video on Instagram on the day of the Harvest Moon in September 2021, the full moon in Pisces. I began by doing one of my first Tarot readings with the intention of letting the message inspire my upcoming spiritual couple artwork. 

A Water Dragon card was pulled from my Dreams of Gaïa deck. I read that it was a powerful time to take on something new, something that we were afraid to act on or that we were ignoring... putting our fears aside and do this thing that is calling us. The dragon, in my opinion, represents courage, fearlessness and faith. 

I felt so inspired by the first lines and the dark turquoise colours. I ended up making it one of my most special artworks by adding lines of gold and some glitter highlights. It looks so awesome up close and really puts a room together.


The meaning of the card I pulled according to the author: 

Ace of Water


New Emotions, First Love, Infatuation, Attraction, Lust, Longing, Excitement, Passion

Key Phrases

– An exciting beginning
– Take a leap of faith
– Open your heart
– Follow passion’s lead
– A new experience or opportunity
– A new friendship
– Stop fighting your feelings
– Free of fear’s influence

Card Meaning

The Ace of Water symbolizes the beginning of a new love, and those feelings of nervous excitement we experience at the start of a new relationship. It is that growing sense of attraction and infatuation that draws you in, and dares you to throw common sense aside Falling in love is both paradoxically thrilling and terrifying, as a flood of emotions picks you up and carries you away.

The river could carry you gently, or lead you to rapids, or worse, fling you over a waterfall. Regardless of where this new beginning may lead, now is time to open your heart to another, or to a new experience or opportunity.

Remember, the Ace of Water does not necessarily symbolize a romantic relationship; you are being asked to allow your desire, passion, or attraction to carry you along in its flow, and trust that it will take you to where you need to be.


The oil that was used


Bathed in stabilizing Bergamot essential oil

Due to its long reputation as a stress reliever, several studies have been done on bergamot essential oil and its impact on cortisol, the stress hormone.

Like many of the citrus oils, bergamot oil is known for its ability to boost your mood.

Many many more benefits come with this particular oil, and I chose this one because it was recommended for this special full moon.



* Name: Across The Universe

* Painter: Lisa Stock

* Size: 20" x 20" (51 x 51 cm)

* Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas

* Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched) in rigid box

* Style: Modern, Abstract

* Certification of Authenticity attached

* Glows in the dark with gold details and sparkles!

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