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Original Floral Abstract Painting

Original Floral Abstract Painting

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Pink Small Abstract Canvas Painting, Abstract Floral Wall Art, Original Hand-Painted Art, Contemporary Room Decor

An original small abstract art painting on canvas with expressive dreamy pinks.

This was actually one of the first paintings I ever made. I was in a creative slump, in a house where I found it difficult to find a place to sit down and create. I had this urge to grab the canvas that I had laying around and paint. With no idea in mind, "Fleur Abstraite" appeared in front of me while playing around with the reds and the pinks until I was satisfied with the result. 

It is my first abstract art and has lived with me through all the places that I've moved to since 2008. For me, it is priceless.

Details of the art:

* Name: Fleur Abstraite

* 14"x17” acrylic painting on canvas

* Painter: Lisa Stock

* Style: Modern, Abstract

* Certification of Authenticity attached

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