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Masculine Energy from the Universe - Original Glow in the Dark Painting

Masculine Energy from the Universe - Original Glow in the Dark Painting

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Original acrylic painting on canvas, Sensual, Aphrodisiac art, masculine energy, male nudity. A Burst of Universal Energy - Original acrylic painting on canvas

About this painting

I was called to create this piece because I feel like the divine feminine is waking up so strongly, being very open and normalizing the subject and all that is related to tantric sex (which is awesome!), but there seems to be still a taboo for the divine masculine to open up about his spirituality. More men should be comfortable in their sacred sexuality and connectedness to all creation in its purity, and more men should be aware of how to use their energetic power. 

So "A Burst of Universal Energy" symbolizes the masculine in all of his splendidness, using his body as a vehicle for light, consciousness and awakening his connection to the universe. 

Whether you were born a man or a woman, you have a masculine side.
We approach the understanding of being a balanced human being as meaning someone who has an awareness of their masculine energy and feminine energy and lives in harmony with both.

Masculine energy is the side of your being that is responsible for taking action, exteriorizing. This originates in the thinking process. In order to act, we need to decide. In order to decide, we need confidence in our decision-making process and in our ability to follow through on our decision. If we lack confidence, we will tend to hesitate to make decisions. As well, if we don’t want to follow through on a particular decision, we procrastinate making the decision. If we don’t make decisions in due time, we won’t act and without action, life begins to stagnate.

Areas of your life that feel sluggish, uninspired and stagnant may be so because of a lack of masculine energy. Developing a positive masculine side means finding the confidence to promptly decide your best options and then take action. Doing so isn’t possible if there is no connection to your feminine side. You gain confidence in two primary ways; from trusting your feelings and from experiences as a result of acting.



* Name: A Burst of Universal Energy

* Painter: Lisa Stock

* Size: 16X20"

* Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas

* Glows in the dark

* Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched) in a rigid box

* Style: Modern, Abstract

* Certification of Authenticity attached

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