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Lovers Kissing in Fantasy World - Reproductions

Lovers Kissing in Fantasy World - Reproductions

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Love Fantasy Art, Romantic Couple Drawing on Canvas, Original Small Canvas Art, Couples Kissing Ink Drawing

One of my personal favorites!

About this piece

The Passion and Authenticity of this drawing reveal themselves to us through a kiss shared by none other than the two main characters from Axys, the Trilogy (my beloved muses).

This power couple came together from separate worlds, and this is a scene that takes place in Zephyr; a planet of spiritually evolved superhumans.

Even though this photo is mostly black and white, you can see Zephyr is fruitful and peaceful.



Name: Pétales Roses

Painter: Lisa Stock

Size: 5" x 7"

Original: handmade with marker, paint and pencil on canvas

Style: Modern, Animé

Stamped on Back for Authenticity


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