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Yang Power 8x10 - Original Painting

Yang Power 8x10 - Original Painting

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Spiritual Awakening, Inner God 8x10 inches. Original small-size acrylic painting on canvas, chakra balancing, higher self, divinity, simple spiritual art.

This symbolic spiritual painting represents the inner strength of the divine masculine energy. It shows the power that thunders within the man's soul, and his learning to master and use his strength to it's fullest.
This piece can also remind the feminine to balance and find refuge in the yang's stability.



  • Name: Yang Power
  • Painter: Lisa Stock
  • Size: 8" x 10"
  • Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas
  • Shipping "ready to hang"
  • Style: Modern, Abstract
  • Certification of Authenticity attached

Divine Masculine Art Spiritual Wall Art Spiritual Wall Decor Divine Masculine Divine Masculine Spiritual Artwork Divine Masculine Art

Liven up your room with a pop of colour or something to match the theme with this Acrylic painting on canvas. Perfect setup for adding a contrast eye-catcher or conversation starter for guests! Or make an ideal gift for your friends, and relatives as modern artwork for decoration.

★ Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas
★ Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched)
★ Certification of Authenticity attached
★ Please use the delicate item carefully because it will last if you take care of the item.
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