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Zephyra Gemstone Gift for Her - DREAM Aromatherapy Bracelet

Zephyra Gemstone Gift for Her - DREAM Aromatherapy Bracelet

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Jewelry Details

  • Handmade by Zephyra.ART
  • Size: 15cm (possibility to enlargen, send note at purchase)
  • Bracelet with 6 Millimeters (small beads, size of a pea) natural gemstones
  • Solid translucent string (light stretch)
  • Gemstones: Blue Agate, Black Onyx, Mystic Quartz and Rose-Gold Lava Rocks
  • Style: Minimalist, feminine
  • Unique


SMOOTH Aromatherapy Beaded Bracelet. Simple, Classic, Elegant, and One of a kind.

Blue Agate

Agate blue is a slow-activating gemstone from the agate family that adds calmness, stability, and balance to life. It was found inside hot volcanic rocks of South West Africa.

Blue agates relate to all the chakras but mainly connect with the Third eye and root chakra.

As these stones are formed in volcanic cracks and hollows, certain impurities and components get infused with them, giving them different colors.

Note: Click to read properties, meaning, and types of the banded agate, another agate healing stone.


Blue agate crystal meaning is related to calmness, serenity, peacefulness, and powerful healing. Its strong energy neutralizes negative vibes and spreads positivity around.

Blue agate geode is perfect for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. This magical crystal helps heal the soul, body, and mind by keeping them harmonized with each other.


Blue agate healing and metaphysical properties support and nurture various aspects of life. Its Calming vibrations bring peace and joy. The connection to upper chakras helps in communication and concentration.

It also helps in reducing anger issues, illness, and infections in the body. Blue agate properties work to stabilize and harmonize mind and body.

Metaphysical Properties

Blue agate is a powerful healer with various metaphysical properties that are comforting for a person’s mental health and soul.

Its soothing aura gives a sense of relaxation to an anxious person. The positive force of agate blue helps in strengthening love relationships. It allows the person to think carefully before making a big decision.

The strong energies of agates absorb negativity from the environment and one’s soul. It’s driving force motivates a person to keep going in even a tough phase of life.

One feels an aura of protection and safety around it. Blue agate metaphysical properties help an individual to relate with nature and sacred spirits that exist. It also lets people connect with their hidden energy.

Healing Properties

The healing properties of blue agates help alleviate stomach aches, constipation, digestion problems and reduce inflammation from the body.

Skin conditions like blistering or eczema can also be cured or improved by using blue agate healing properties. Moreover, it also relieves inflammation and irritation from the eyes.


Blue agates are powerful healing and cleansing crystals that have various magical benefits. Here, have a look at some benefits of blue agate stones to charge your spirits:

  • Calms and relaxes nerves
  • Harmonize body energies
  • Helps in relieving mental stress
  • Removes negative energy from the body and environment
  • Opens the third eye and throat chakra
  • Protects from evil spirits
  • Promotes effective communication
  • Stabilizes emotions
  • Release anxiety
  • Brings good luck
  • Attracts love
  • Improves relationship
  • Lift your spirits
  • Enhance innate abilities
  • Provides secure feeling


The main focused chakras of blue agate are the third eye and throat chakra. However, it also stabilizes the energy of the crown, heart, root, sacral, and solar plexus.

As these all chakras are the focal points of the body, an imbalance in even one energy can affect the harmony of others.

It connects with the lower chakras to release the build-up negativity from one’s soul, which eventually helps in connecting with the sacred spirits.

And, using blue agate crystals or gemstones is not that tricky or tough for balancing the chakra’s energy.  So, how can you use blue agate crystals to heal your body and soul? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Wear rings that will bring confidence in you or simply customize them with blue agate crystal to get automatically surrounded by an aura to keep evil spirits away. 
  • Keep blue agate slice in your home space or office to neutralize the negative energy
  • You can also find agate slice earrings to have a feeling of relaxation throughout the day.
  • You can also wear blue agate necklaces or bracelets to keep your body and soul energized
  • Blue agate coasters can be a healing decoration for your lounge, or you also use them to serve drinks
  • Get blue agate candles to set the ambiance needed for meditation from its incense

How to Cleanse Blue Agate Crystals

Although agate blue is a powerful healing stone that cleanses and purifies energies, the crystal also needs to be recharged and cleansed:

  • Use the moonlight or the power of Selene to let your blue agate cleanse and recharged
  • You can lightly tap a tuning fork to remove all the absorbed negative spirits from your crystal
  • Soak in a bowl full of salt for a day can also help it in getting rid of all the evil energy
  • Some charging plates can also do the trick to purify the crystal


Black Onyx

Healing Properties 

Often used as an amulet against negative energy, Black Onyx is a master of good fortune. All black stones have solid healing properties particularly when it comes to protection and shielding you against anything that could bring harm. Onyx is ripe with powerful vibrations and can bring shades of strength and willpower to the wearer. Not only will Black Onyx throw up a forcefield shield around you, but it also activates certain chakras in the body to bring solid standing, creative focus, and illuminate new pathways to wisdom. Black Onyx grounds you beautifully in body, mind, and soul. 

Physical Healing

A tonic for the nerves, Black Onyx is full of great grounding energy that helps you to feel stable in this world. Along with getting your nervous system in check, this deep dark gem also brings a boost to the immune system, raising your stamina and helping you to get back on your feet particularly after long periods of illness or fatigue. Onyx can be a great gem for recovery as it helps you to swerve any shade of relapse and instead encourages your body to physically focus on healing. Onyx can also lend support to the bone marrow and tissue structures in the body, along with helping to strengthen teeth and bones too.

Mental & Emotional Healing

When it comes to emotional healing, Black Onyx brings that same sense of grounding strength and vitality that it offers your physical body too. Getting rooted is one of the best ways to raise your self-confidence and to master the art of self-control. For those who are quick to bursts of anger, who feel the rise and fall of frustration vividly, and who often find themselves a jangly nervous mess, Black Onyx is here to soothe. This stone tethers flighty souls who would truly benefit from keeping one foot on the ground. Onyx helps you to master your sense of self so that you can make wise decisions, stand clear in your authenticity, and get that balance of being task orientated all while making plenty of space for creative thinking too. It can be particularly useful for those moving through the patterns of grief as it assists in helping you mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.

Metaphysical Properties 

Black Onyx is a root chakra stone as it brings all that glorious grounding energy to keep you connected to the earth beneath your feet. The root chakra is one of the most important chakras there is as it invites excess energy to be released from the body. Without the base chakra being cleansed, it can throw the whole chakra system out of balance. Black Onyx can also help you stay protected during crown chakra opening and any kind of psychic work or past life exploration that can leave you open and potentially vulnerable. Green Onyx can be used for heart chakra opening and White Onyx can also be used to unblock the crown chakra. 



Understanding the difference between "Natural Stones" vs "Natural Gemstones.
The stones in your driveway, garden, and back yard are "all-natural stones", but they are not GEMSTONES.

Jewelry Grade Gemstones are Priced According to Quality, Clarity, Color, and Rarity.
This is a high-quality "fine" gemstone item, not a costume jewelry item.


Jewelry, and in particular, beaded bracelets, CAN NOT BE SIZED USING A RULER. You can measure your wrist, and that is your SIZE, (the interior diameter) of your item. Larger Beads need MORE length because the inner diameter will be smaller. We use a professional sizing form to size bracelets according to WRIST size, not ruler length.

ZEPHYRA Aromatherapy Spirit Jewelry are handmade, one bead at a time in meditation. In Québec, Canada by Lisa Stock, creator of Zephyra.ART

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